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Efficiency on the Move

Portable Solutions for Sustainable Future

We are revolutionizing the energy landscape with a passion for sustainable solutions. We specialize in developing advanced battery modules and cutting-edge charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Our innovative technologies, such as the Husky battery module and the mobile supercharger, enable ultra-fast and convenient charging, driving the widespread adoption of EVs. By transforming traditional gas stations into energy hubs and embracing the HUB & SPOKE EV battery energy delivery model, we are reimagining the future of transportation. Committed to making clean, green mobility accessible to all, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards a more sustainable and electrifying future.


Our Mission

At, our mission is to drive the widespread adoption of sustainable energy solutions and revolutionize the way we power transportation. We are committed to developing innovative technologies and solutions that accelerate the transition to a cleaner future. 

By providing cutting-edge battery modules and charging infrastructure, we aim to empower individuals, businesses, and industries to embrace renewable energy and reduce their carbon footprint. Through our efforts, we strive to create a more sustainable and environmentally conscious world.


  • On-Demand EV Energy Delivery 

  • 5 to 10 Minute Charging Time

  • Driverless Energy Delivery Vehicle Available


HUSKY Series Battery Module for eVTOL

The state-of-the-art battery module with the proprietary Super Thermal Conductor enables full payload flight and short turnaround time for eVTOL.

Screen Shot 2023-06-15 at 7.01.58 PM.png

800V per Module

52 kW per Module

72 lbs (33 kg)

No Thermal Runaway


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